[Adult Actress & Cosplayer: Yua Asakura] Taking a closer look at cosplay with valleys that captivate



The valley is…world-class!

World-class…. Yes, it’s definitely world-class!


The Grand Canyon? Fish River Canyon? No, not even those can rival this valley in Japan!!!!


I will introduce this wonder to you. Please welcome the adult actress and cosplayer, Yua Asakura!!!!!!


If you know you know, but such an innocently cute face is such a contrast to this body. Frankly, I was very excited for this interview. 




A B C D E F…….

“Hi! I’m Yua Asakura.”


Whoa! Her image is completely not what I was expecting!! I thought it would be more… demure… Where did this wide-eyed, suit wearing person come from!!


“Today, I am cosplaying Murcielago’s Komori Kuroko! What? This isn’t what you expected?”


Speaking of the character, isn’t Benimori Kuroko an infamous killer? It’s very unexpected~… It’s not even like just getting killed, but it’s more like a crushing death… Well, let me compose myself… But, from where I’m sitting my eyes are inevitably drawn to the valley peeking out from behind that white dress shirt.


[MURCIÉLAGO] Benimori Kuroko (Cameraman: cozy / @cozy1215)


“(Laughs). In Benimori Kuroko’s case,her chest is an I-cup. I’m a K-cup, somine a bit larger. But that’s a small measurement error.”


WHAT… When I hear K, as a man it’s almost like a saga going through the letters starting from A.


[MURCIÉLAGO] Benimori Kuroko (Cameraman: cozy / @cozy1215)




If it’s a movie scene, not matter what you’ll want to recreate it

On that topic, I wonder if Yua often uses her chest to her advantage when choosing her cosplays.


“No, not really. I just cosplay the characters that I like. Actually, I’ve recently been entertaining the idea of doing a photoshoot cosplaying a male sex-worker from a work called “GANGSTA”. It’s going to be difficult trying to make it sexy.”


Shiori Rich from [Danshi Kōkōsei o Yashinaitai Onē-san no Hanashi] (Cameraman: Yuuki Komatsu / @Komatsuyuki0507)


Of course, this is the focus of an adult actress. As a cosplayer, as a person who is drawing from the original work, it is only natural that you’d want to recreate that scene as it is in the work, regardless of how sexual it may be.


“There are pros and cons for instance in creating and shooting a scene that the character hasn’t done in the work, however the male sex-worker is in the work.”


Shiori Rich from [Danshi Kōkōsei o Yashinaitai Onē-san no Hanashi] (Cameraman: Yuuki Komatsu / @Komatsuyuki0507)




Cosplaying just felt natural to me

Yua, who has such an insight into cosplay, said she has only started cosplaying recently.


“I think I first started cosplaying around May of last year. I cosplayed a character named Yumeko Jabami from a work called Kakegurui. I used to love seeing cosplay photos on social media. But I was huge… (laughs). I thought that cosplaying as I am would be considered sacrilege to the character, so I was hesitant to give it a try.”


However for her work she has had a big success in dieting and given all of the freetime she had on her hands thanks to the influence of the coronavirus, she said that she immediately jumped into cosplay.


Shiori Rich from [Danshi Kōkōsei o Yashinaitai Onē-san no Hanashi] (Cameraman: Yuuki Komatsu / @Komatsuyuki0507)


“I didn’t really have much to do… I had time, I had freetime, so I thought why not give it a try! It felt like my eyes were open to a new world when I started cosplaying! I have always been into anime, video games and other otaku interests, so naturally I came to like cosplay. I feel like the natural progression of those things led me to do cosplay myself.”


That being said, Yua states that she is doing shoots once a month. I think that is a pretty heavy load, isn’t it….?


Sakura Kinomoto from [Cardcaptor Sakura] (Cameraman: Ton / @tck_tck)


“It is. I tend to do the same character a good amount of the time. My repertoire is around 5 characters. Because I did it in the middle of the coronavirus, the shoots are very limited in terms of participants and I usually shoot with friends. It’s exclusively home photoshoots. It would be pretty lonely to do a shoot at home alone, wouldn’t it?”




Better than the valley!! It’s Yua’s skill

After a year, she has really come to love cosplay. That is a very rare feat. 


“Now in addition to being an adult actress, I am working in hair and makeup artistry.”


Whoa!… She’s a professional hairdresser???


“Not quite, I’m studying specialised makeup at a school for estheticians.”


What???? Specialized makeup… like zombies or monsters… stuff like that?


“Yes, that’s right. I am not very good at models but I love makeup and hair. For instance there are some characters with beards and some characters draw them on with eyeliner, but you can also glue hair on.”


Wow!!! So in other words, it’s like growing a beard???


“Yes, and specialized makeup tools can be bought online, so if you buy the right hair, and attach it with glue, the transformation is complete. Also, there is nothing you can’t do with your eyebrows, but it can get pretty complicated.”


That’s an amazing technique!… Or rather, I am really surprised that you can buy hair for beards online so easily.


Sakura Kinomoto from [Cardcaptor Sakura] (Cameraman: Ton / @tck_tck)




Establishing values

And finally, I asked Yua about what she sees in her future.


“I want to continue to enjoy cosplay as a hobby the way that I do right now! It’s not about fame and notoriety, it’s about pursuing something I love. However, as a profession it’s a different case. I want to continue to enjoy myself while separating my hobbies, work, and values.”


Sakura Kinomoto from [Cardcaptor Sakura] (Cameraman: Ton / @tck_tck) / Right: Sakura Kinomoto (@kokage103)



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