[Cosplayer: Kizuki] We Interview The “Love Hashira” And Get All the Juicy Details…



Today we’re delving into a bit of cosplayer taboo. I know there are people who want to hide away from it and avoid it, but even so we’ll listen. We’ll dive in…


Huh? What is it??


Of course, since we have the Love Hashira (Eng. ‘pillar’) here, it’s time for a chat about love!





How Do You React To An Impromptu Love Chat!? 



…said Kizuki as she looked dumbfounded at the topic of love. No, no, I mean when you think of the character Mitsuri Kanroji, she’s a character that really makes your heart skip a beat, don’t you think?


“Yes, that’s true. Kanroji’s demon power is being able to see the good in people, that’s for sure”



Yes, yes. It’s true and at the same time not what I mean. What we want to ask about is a cosplayer’s lovelife!!


“I wonder if it’s okay for me to talk about it… Well… hypothetically, I have… heard a story of a female cosplayer and a photographer going out!!! It’s only something that I heard!!”


I normally avoid relationship gossip, and as expected this conversation is making me feel a bit lightheaded…


So, it’s as I thought… Stuff like this does happen.


Mitsuri Kanroji from Demon Slayer (Photographer: cozy/ Twitter: @cozy1215)


“As I have said many times, it’s a story that I have heard hypothetically, however when it was going well, it was a very good atmosphere on Twitter etc., but suddenly one day … the conversation between the two people just ended…you know? The hypothetical one, of course.”


Of course, at the beginning of a relationship we can understand people wanting to be open and talk about their girlfriend or boyfriend. But the cosplay world isn’t very big, so when it ends it can create a pretty uncomfortable atmosphere.




The Break In Kizuki’s Lovelife!!

Well, putting aside this “hypothetical” person, How are things in that department for you, Kizuki? Tell us, Love Hashira!


“Well… There’s reeeeeeaaaaaally nothing to tell at all!! I used to have a boyfriend until I started cosplaying, but recently I don’t have much of an interest in the 3D realm anymore.”


Whoa, Whoa! Normally, words like that are in the metaphorical sense… Now there are even more questions we want to ask. But there’s a fine line between someone getting angry at you and getting sued. So, let’s focus and get back on track.


“Saying something like “fully concentrate!” in this context sounds like kimehara*. But returning to the topic… I myself believe that there can be just friendship between men and women. I have male friends I hang out with and we’ve gone to Disney together before, and it’s just a very close friendship.”


*kimehara: is a pop-culture term that refers to the backlash that people receive from criticizing massively popular trends like Kimetsu no Yaiba (Demon Slayer); a hybrid between ‘kimetsu’ and ‘harassment’


Hmmm… As you said, it must be because you like fantasy more than reality.


Frederica Sawyer from BLACK LAGOON


“Well there’s that and I am consumed by cosplay. I didn’t really think about my lovelife. And to be honest female cosplayers who dress as men are cooler than real men in my opinion.”


Ouch! As a guy hearing that it’s a bit of a punch to the gut, but somehow I understand what she means!!


“As a woman, of course I understand women more than I do men, and they have a nice way of doing things. Also, they make such good eye candy that it’s even cooler!!”






Is An Interest In Otaku Culture A Must?

This is somehow disheartening for us out there… It seems there are a lot of hurdles to winning you over.


“That’s not true! However, even if you aren’t into cosplaying I feel it’s important that you’re an otaku. I want someone who is able to understand my cosplay and also understand me. It may be difficult to maintain a connection if you’re unable to speak about topics with the same amount of passion.That being said, I love pushing my favourites!”


Margareta Celle (Trainer ver.) from IdentityV 5th Personality


I see, the current Kizuki has a crush on being a fan. You really don’t seem to have any interest in the real world.


“My current obsession is Obanai Iguro from Demon Slayer! I enjoy characters who have a bit of a dark side. I also like ones with heterochromia. Some of my favourite works are those where people easily die. Like when a person dies on the main character’s journey to personal growth… Darkness like that is really piercing.”


True. Main characters being killed off one after the other is really popular even in Demon Slayer.


Obanai Iguro from Demon Slayer




It’s A Bittersweet Feeling

 “That’s right! I love boys’ manga, so I read Demon Slayer before it became an anime. However, it has become so popular now… It sometimes makes me miss it a bit. It’s like an indie band going mainstream … ”  


Mordred from Fate/Apocrypha


I get that… It was supposed to be something that was your own special thing, but now it’s the entire country’s. It’s only natural for your feelings to get away from you. Speaking of, it seems that your interest in cosplay stemmed from your fandom and I guess it’s hard to see the works you love suddenly being consumed by so many.


“Yeah, I started cosplay because I wanted to express my enthusiasm for the works. I can’t really draw and I am not good with words, so in the pursuit of finding a way of expressing my love I found cosplay.”


Envy (Tora) = Kanae Aira from Twelve Wars


As she said, in the name of your love of a work or a character there are no limits on how you express it (within the law, of course). We hope that you continue on your cosplay journey, with your love for the 2D realm that transcends even the 3D one.


Niwatori = Ryoka Niwa from Twelve Wars



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