The Sales Expertise of Working Behind the Scenes and Connecting Needs: VTuber Label “LINK BOX” Owner Eiji Totsuka



What is the definition of a “person”? The word has a lot of meanings depending on the context, such as biological or sociological. Differentiating the “individual” from the “corporation” is another such difficult debate. 


So…what about a Virtual YouTuber?


I’m not an expert, so I’ll refrain from making any clear definitions, but I’d say that they’re certainly protected by intellectual property rights. However!! Aren’t they also “humans” in some sense?


A lot of people would say, “There isn’t a person inside that suit!” But in this day and age, the virtual world is developing at a speed that far outruns legislation. Just as humans and companies have rights, Vtubers may one day earn their own rights, too. With so many successfully infiltrating the general public, it’s hard to believe otherwise.


There’s a particular music label that manages those Vtubers. LINK BOX is always streaming music, and we got to speak with the label owner, Eiji Totsuka!





When Supply and Demand Are Not Connected

“It’s been two years since the coronavirus pandemic began, and since then a lot of music events have been canceled. I myself had planned to go to anime song events and other such concerts, but it became kind of difficult. That’s why I started to think of making an Internet label.”


But it must be easier said than done. You have to have artists under your label, and songs to release. 


“Originally I was an anime song DJ…I’ve been doing it for about 11 years now. I’ve stood in the booth in clubs all around Japan, and even got to DJ at an event in Mexico. Thanks to all that, I met a lot of people and expanded my connections, and I heard a lot of concerns from Vtubers and songwriters.”


Hmm? What does that mean exactly?



“Vtubers want original songs. But naturally, they’d have no idea where or how to get a song, or who would write it. On the flip side, songwriters are in the same boat. They don’t have anywhere to offer their songs. There’s a demand and supply, but they aren’t matching up. So I thought I could act as the middle man and connect them.”





The Possibilities of a Person without a Physical Body

From a business perspective, even though Totsuka discovered a need, he didn’t have to go to the trouble of making a Vtuber label. Surely it would have been easier and better for his connections if he simply streamed his DJ friends’ songs?


“There are developments in VR chat and XR–cross reality that I have my eye on. I feel like they have totally different possibilities from television. For example, when it comes to a recording of a concert, in reality several dozen people are needed to make it happen. But for a Vtuber, depending on the person’s skill, everything, from the beginning to the end, can be done by one person. And because they aren’t living flesh, they can also be added to.”





Vtubers are…a Type of Person

Even so, you’re making label specifically for Vtubers. You probably need to be able to communicate in an official capacity, but it’s rather hard to do so with Vtubers, who, despite being full of personality, have no physical being to speak to. In that case, it must be necessary to acknowledge the person behind the Vtuber in order to progress the relationship. 


“No, the Vtubers represent themselves. This is just my experience as an otaku, but there are events where you meet people offline, right? It’s common at those events for you to be called by your Internet handle. Just because you’re meeting in real life doesn’t mean you have to interact as your real-life persona. You can be the same person both online and offline. It’s the same for Vtubers.”


That’s exactly right! Even if you have a connection to someone offline as well as online, it’s still pretty common to be called by your handle name. It’s like an extension of yourself. 





The Strengths of Vtuber Music Label LINK BOX

When you think of a Vtuber label, in Japan, you’d probably think of Nijisanji or Holo Live first. These are the two biggest labels, but a lot of independent labels have started popping up lately. In that landscape, what is LINK BOX’s greatest weapon?


“Sales expertise!”


Totsuka replied. 


“Sales as in the business of connecting needs, like the Vtuber who’s looking for a specific song and the songwriter who’s looking for a specific person. With good sales expertise, I think the future is going to change dramatically. Also, since I’ve worked as an anime song DJ, I feel confident that I can offer club music, too.”





Album Streaming Now Available!

The number of Vtubers joining LINK BOX has been soaring thanks to Totsuka’s connections and sales expertise until finally he was able to release an album earlier this year.


“I paired 12 Vtubers with 11 songwriters and created an album composed mostly of dance music.”



Musical Album: AIENKIEN
Now available! Streaming link: https://linkco.re/Fh02GfcX?lang=ja


Oooh! I can’t wait to listen to it. I’m sure it’ll make my DoujinWorld articles even more fun to write!


“Though I have been center stage as an anime song DJ, it may be that I’m more suited to working behind the scenes. I would love to hear that the Vtubers and songs I support are getting out there more and more frequently!”


LINK BOX Vtuber Label Owner Eiji Totsuka 


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