[Singer: asameaco] Going forth to make her dreams a reality




Cheering on a super popular cosplay singer with those in the know

Hey, world!… Do you know of Japan’s own cosplayer, asameaco?


What!? You don’t know!!??



asameaco is a super popular cosplayer who won the overall Grand Prix of the Cosplayer of the Year in 2020 and is also active as a singer. Recently, she has apparently started crowdfunding, and we just couldn’t help but to support her in it.


Speaking of asameaco,  DoujinWorld has actually done an in-depth interview with her, so if you want all the details check out the article below!!




The transition from “Cosplayer” to “Cosplay Singer”

asameaco has recently started crowdfunding on the internationally renowned website, Kickstarter.


Here is the link to the page.



OMG~ Aco is so cute!!!!!


Actually,when I pressed the button at the top of the video… There were requests for English support. And then all of a sudden extremely emotional music started to play.


Her voice… it’s so deep!!!! This can’t be!? I couldn’t believe that such a powerful, sure and fiery voice came from someone with such a delicate appearance. It’s so awesome!!!!


She is a singer through and through. We have also included a YouTube link at the bottom of the page where you can listen to some of the songs that she has released, so definitely check it out.


Every song is pure Metal! Serious Metal!! Head banging: required!! It’s an amazing lineup.



Now, if you’re wondering what asameaco is crowdfunding for…it’s stuff like what is below ↓. Since Kickstarter is in English I roughly translated it for all of those people who might not understand.


Purpose: I want to make an anime music video (AMV)!


Target amount: We have raised around 100,000 yen, but it seems that 1.5 million yen is required to make a proper AMV.


・ 100,000 yen: This is enough for an MV with one illustration like the one before


・ 300,000 yen:This is enough for multiple illustrations!!!


・ 500,000 yen: This is enough for Illustrations with special effects and makes it possible to

create glitter effects!!!


・ 1 million yen: This is enough for large illustrations to move across the screen. It will look like the animation for the ending theme sequence from an anime.


・ 1.5 million yen: This achieves a quality similar to the opening theme sequence of an anime!!!


・ 2 million yen: This is enough for not only the opening sequence but also the ending!!! It seems to be a combination of 1 million yen and 1.5 million yen.


・ 2.5 million yen: This amount will increase the quality of the ending!!! That’s already double the opening quality!?


・ 3 million yen: A 5-minute mini animation can be produced!!!


・ 5 million yen: I will make a sample anime!!


・ 10 million yen: I’ll start a full-scale anime project!!!


・ 300 million yen: I can make a full-blown anime!!!


I see … I guess it costs more than I expected to make an anime. It’s no wonder she’s crowdfunding.



Why you want to reach out and animate your voice as a singer

In the first place, why did a cosplayer like asameaco jump into the world of singing? Awareness is rising just by cosplaying, and I think it’s not necessary to stick to the song … aco herself says:



“I received the Grand Prix and a lot of attention from many people. However, what I really wanted to do was to become a singer, so I decided to stop cosplaying and really start singing this year. I’ve always been an otaku, and I used to watch a lot of anime, and anime songs are often matched the world of the anime. That’s why you can immerse yourself in the world of the anime, and every time you listen to the song, you can remember your favorite or most characteristic scenes of the anime. I thought those anime songs were wonderful! I wanted to sing those anime songs! Of course, my favorite songs aren’t just anime songs. My favorite songs are not only anime songs, but also songs that cheer me up, songs that I want to listen to when I’m heartbroken, songs that I want to listen to when I want to lift my spirits…etc. Songs are amazing! They can change the mood and feelings of other people. I think that a lot of people are suffering from Covid-19 now. I want to do my best to bring back their smiles and energy when they’re feeling down! The time to work hard is now! I felt that it was time to do my best! Seriously, I will do it.”


And that’s it. After all, songs shine because of the people who sing them. The proof of asameaco’s determination shines in the strength of her singing voice.



“I’m going to start crowdfunding, and I’m going to continue my activities with 100% confidence in my songs!My activities have only just begun, but I would really appreciate it if you could support me from now on for the crowdfunding.I want an anime music video with my own song!”


Yes, singers aren’t intriguing without drive. Rather than wandering through it all, it’s important to think of the place you are aiming for as an artist, proclaim it, and push forward toward it.





Thank-You’s for completing the project

So, what’s your thank you for your donation toward completing the project …?


・ 1,000 yen ⇒ You receive a ticket for an exclusive online live show


・ 3,000 yen ⇒ You’ll be sent an autographed mini album.


・ 3,000 yen ⇒ You’ll receive a photobook of asameaco. This is a special version that can only be obtained in the set!


・ 10,000 yen ⇒ Your name will appear in the end credits of the song!! This is for coveted fans.


・ 30,000 yen ⇒ You will be sent a video thank you message and a recording of an original song! It’s a song that I’ll sing just for you.


・ 500,000 yen ⇒ An online live concert will be held just for you!!! Of course there will also be time to talk!! What’s more … I might even respond by wearing a requested cosplay…!?


The deadline is September 30, 2021.


You can only receive these limited time gifts from asameaco until then!! Hurry!! Go! Go! Go!





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