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Remote interviews are where it’s at!!

We bring you another remote interview due coronavirus measures, however these measures also present an opportunity for us all! I was able to ask some questions to Miru Kanbara, a Vtuber who is active as a financial planner for the Foresight Communications Course!!




A money doctor VTuber?

So… I often hear the term ‘Financial Planner’, but what kind of qualifications does one need for that?


“Well… to put it simply, we’re sort of like money doctors. We propose life plans based on the state of a person’s income and assets. For instance, we address things like when you want to buy a home or get married, how many kids you want to have, or travelling abroad when you retire to come up with concrete savings plans and asset management strategies in order to make those dreams come true.”


Oooh! How reassuring!! I know that I am the type of person who wants to jump into consultation right now and find out what the future will be like if I work hard now. 



“Taxes, pensions, inheritances… the list goes on. There are so many financial matters that exist just living this life, but even though it’s something that you need to know,  it can be hard for an individual to keep track of everything. My job is to keep close track of it all.”


I see. I get the image that it’s a job in which you get called “Teacher/Sir!” a lot.


“Not at all! If you address me like that, it doesn’t really make me feel like a legal professional, like an administrative scrivener/ It’s pretty advantageous to have experience and the qualifications of jobs like insurance or bank clerks. Some people who have done these jobs have gone on to become independent personal financial planners. “





Miru’s private life is an open book!!

By the way, you work as an instructor in financial planning, but what do you do in your down time? Would I be able to ask you about your private life…??


“Sure. Go ahead (laughs).”


Whoa! I never really get to ask about a VTuber’s everyday life, so I am so thankful for the opportunity! So….umm….  How old are you??


“I’m 27! At first, I went into the normal workforce and got a job at a company, but I wanted to take my career to the next level and so I set my sights on becoming a financial planner. With that experience I wanted to help others who also wanted to become financial planners like myself so I became an instructor.”


Those are amazing ambitions and aspirations!! I get the feeling that when you were working at a company you were a very capable “OL” (Office Lady). What do you do on your days off?


“I mostly tend to my rose garden. I really love blue roses.They’ve created a colour that doesn’t exist in the natural world using tools like genetic modification. Because of this fact, the plant itself is very fragile and can get sick pretty easily. They say the cuter a child is the more effort they take to raise, that is why I like it.”



Genetically modified coloured roses and a Vtuber… Somehow I feel like it’s a very philosophical combination, don’t you think?


“I also watch movies. I like action, horror, and scifi. I guess I like genres that have lots of impact with a lot of “bam!” and “pow!” I have the same taste in music too, as I listen to intense rock music.”


Hmm…. that might actually fit in very well with Miru’s image. Actually… this is very difficult to ask… but do you do these things like grow roses and watch movies alone…? 


“Huh? I mean, yes but…???”


More frankly, do you have a boyfriend!!!???


“Ah, Oh! That’s what you mean. No, I don’t have one (laughs)”





There is no one behind the curtain!!! But I am very interested in the person behind the curtain

Now it is time for a taboo question. A Vtuber is a Vtuber, right? There is a common moral and polite assumption that there isn’t a person behind the curtain… But I dare to take a peek. Miru, is there someone there!!!???






“There is!!!!!!”


There is!!!


And there you have it folks!! There is a person behind the curtain.




A voice actor!!

“It’s nice to meet you! I’m a voice actor.”



The person behind the character is a voice actor. Of course their true identity remains hidden, but it definitely explains why a lesson from a financial planner that can normally be pretty difficult to follow has such a bright and enjoyable atmosphere. 


Speaking of voice acting, currently it is one of the most popular careers. I feel like it’s pretty difficult to get into though… isn’t it?


“Well, there are really only a handful of people who can make a living solely as a voice actor. Even if you graduate from voice acting school, you aren’t always able to get a job.”


That is why many voice actors have a part-time job in addition to voice acting.



Apparently there are many aspects to Miru’s character that are very to the person behind it. It makes sense, since a character would be easier to portray the more it has in common with you. That being said, it really does feel like the VTuber is really the one in front of you on the screen, and it wouldn’t be an exaggeration to say that the character has really become a real person themself. 


●Miru Kanbara




You Tube:https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Jxl5dpK19_4




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