100 Cosplayers Answer Our Questions! The Common Questions Corner Vol. 1


Hey! You there, reading this article! Have you ever stopped to chat with a cosplayer? Some people have never really done it except for on the other end of a computer or smartphone screen. Even then if there is something that you want to ask, you may not always have the opportunity to get a direct answer from them, right…?


And that’s why DoujinWorld has surveyed cosplayers around Japan. We had 105 people who submitted their honest answers to our common questions. Let’s take a look at our first question!



★Question 1: Have you wanted to ‘transform’ from a young age?


To those cosplayers who have transformed into various characters: Was your urge to transform something that has been growing within since an early age?



Definitely: 40%

Somewhat:  39%

Not really: 18.1%

I don’t remember: 2.9%


Close to 80% of respondents answered that they had a “want to transform”. Let’s look at these answers in detail…



“Since I was a kid, I’ve loved anime with characters who transform like the magical girl genre and shows like Pretty Cure. I thought, that could be me someday! As I got deeper into otaku culture, I was introduced to cosplay and started to get into it.”


“The reason I bought a sewing machine and started making my own costumes was because I wanted to make the cosplay of a character that I looked up to as a child. When I looked at myself in the mirror from between my sleeves I was so happy that I trembled and teared up.”


“The first cosplay I ever did was Len Kagamine. I still remember the excitement and deep emotion I felt. It was like I was dreaming.”


“I really wanted to dress like a guy. I was so excited to be able to borrow the name of my favourite character and crossdress; I was so happy in that cosplay.”


In addition to these comments, there were many who expressed that cosplay helped make their long held dreams come true. 


Moreover, there were a lot of people who mentioned characters from Sailor Moon and Card Captor Sakura as ones they wanted to be when they were younger! You can really feel the deep influence they had.



★ Question 2: Are you a person who shows off?

All those cosplayers whose aura shines from within, they all seem to radiate confidence. However, is that really how they feel?



Definitely: 11.4%

Somewhat: 30.5%

Not really: 36.2%

Not at all: 21.9%


More than half of the respondents answered “not really/not at all” and each of them seem to have a sincere reason for that.



“Over time I came out of my shell,and now I’m into entertainment and gravure.”


“I like to sing, dance and play instruments while in cosplay.”




“I’m not very confident in myself, so I cosplay in order to become someone admirable.”


“I am a pretty shy person so I often try to avoid standing out, but sometimes it happens.”


“I don’t really want to stand out, but I want to proudly do the things I love! I really want people to praise my work, so I want people to see it rather than hiding it away.”




“I’m a person who really enjoys embodying characters.”


“Cosplay is an expression of what you like; whether you’re a person who likes to show off or not is a completely different question.”


People really desire to express themselves.There are people who want to  show others their expression of the things they like. There are many who aren’t even aware of how much they stand out. There is a wide range of approaches cosplayers take, but one thing that they all have in common is they want to become that which they admire.



★Question 3: Is it okay to look at, talk to and take pictures of cosplayers?


In recent years, I have not only been seeing cosplayers at otaku events like Comiket, but also at cosplay events in the city. Have you ever seen an amazing cosplay and thought to yourself “I want to tell them that it’s great, but it might be annoying to just shout out.” or “I want to take a picture but I don’t really have a proper camera and I wonder if it’s okay to take a picture with my smartphone.” Well, let’s answer your questions here in this corner!



[Calling out to cosplayers]

I really welcome it!: 81%

I don’t mind it: 19%

Leave me be: 0%


[Taking a picture with a smartphone]

I really welcome it!: 75.2%

I don’t mind it: 20%

I’d ask you to refrain: 1.9%

Other: 2.9%


In regard to “calling out” all the cosplayers said “Okay!”. In regard to taking pictures with a smartphone more than 90% of the responses were positive. We did receive some comments like “Please don’t share the photos on SNS” or “If you’re taking a picture please use an app that makes my face look good.”


Cosplayers have the same usage rights regarding their photos, as you readers out there do. If you’re going to take a picture please keep the following two points in mind.


*Ask “Can I take a picture?” and receive the person’s permission (Don’t be voyeuristic.) 

* If you want to post the photo on SNS, ask the person if it’s okay to do so and keep a record of that permission from the cosplayer (There are many additional requests that may occur like tagging someone in the photo or sending the photo to them by DM.)


It’s great to make the experience pleasant for both the photographer and the person in the photo.


How did you like DoujinWorld’s first ever dive into questionnaires?


In the next Common Questions Corner, we will tackle cosplayers costumes.  See you next time!





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