[Cosplay Pole Dancer: eri] What Was the First Cosplay of this Haunting Cosplay Pole Dancer…!?




Piercing Troubled Eyes and A Tough Body

Naturally upturned eyes… slightly pointed lips… A troubled and expressive visage… On the day of the interview, eri was dressed in the male cosplay of Doppo Kanonzaka from Hypnosis Mic. Even though she’s in male clothing you can feel the sex appeal. This is what sexy is!!! It’s absolutely striking!!!


Then the other party in this, eri, cut in with a comment about whether or not this was bordering on sexual harassment. Our guest today was introduced to us by the Doubles Division World Champion, yamadori.


Pole dance: Original costume (photographer / aya-nes)


“Haha! Thank you! Sexy, right (laughs)? But my facial expressions are what I get a lot of praise about from photographers.”


That’s what it is.




How To Make Polished Expressions in Cosplay

“I’ve been doing cosplay since I was in middle school. Since I have been doing this for a while, that’s why I’m able to make the range of expressions I do. I put myself in the shoes of the character and think where on my face I should put more or less emphasis, etc… I’ve always been very particular about it in my cosplay. “


I see… Cosplaying while fully immersed in the character. It’s not unheard of to practise making your face more expressive. And you have been doing it since middle school… You started young!


Original costume (Photographer / aya-nes)


Plumeria from Gothic wa Mahou Otome (Photographer / aya-nes)


“Back then, the mobile phone game, Mobage, was very big and I was in a bunch of cosplay communities there. Actually, the first cosplay that I wore to an event was Hamuko from Gintama, you know? “ 


Really…..? The same Hamuko that is a plump ganguro with blonde hair like a gyaru…?


“Yes! That Hamuko. I really liked the episode 13, “If you are going to cosplay, put your heart into it!” from Gintama. I really wanted to cosplay Gin or Kagura, but I was just a middle school student and I didn’t have much money, so I made a Hamuko cosplay. It was  possible to do by going to the 100yen store and getting some props. I still remember going to an event in a kimono that I had stuffed with bath towels to make my chest and midsection plumper.”


Thinking of Hamuko, she’s a pretty expressive character. I definitely would love to see it. To think that Hamuko… has become so sexy.


Pole dance: Original costume (Photographer / @shinkainokame




I Wanted Freely Move My Body!! And So I Started Pole Dancing

Why did she start pole dancing despite living such an otaku style life?


“I’ve been pole dancing for around two and half years now. I think it started from me getting really into weight training before. I used to religiously go to the gym and at first I was doing my best with the equipment there, but eventually I felt I wanted to do more movement with my body as opposed to just building muscle.”


And that’s where dance came in!!


“Yes, at first… but I was so clunky that I would burst out laughing at the sight of myself. I had absolutely no experience before that and that was just how I was. But I couldn’t give up on dancing, I did some searching and discovered pole dancing.”


 Doppo Kanonzaka from Hypnosis Mic. (Photographer / aya-nes)


She also had a pole dancing studio in the neighborhood, and says she started going there. She was apparently often praised for how fast she was able to pick it up due to her weight training experience.


“With pole dancing, even if you have no rhythm when it comes to dancing on a dance floor, if you get a general feel for the music and you pair it with a trick (a pole dancing technique) even a beginner can dance through one song. For me at the beginning, I had the power to do the moves thanks to my weight training experience and I didn’t have to keep moving to a rhythm like in normal dance. That being said, the more advanced you get, the more important it is to have a sense of rhythm.”


Louis Kisaragi from KING OF PRISM (Photographer/ aya-nes)




The Blood Started Pumping After A Fateful Encounter

Then she had a fateful encounter at another pole dancing class. She met yamadori, a pioneer of cosplay pole dance.


“Once in one of yamadori’s full day classes, she came dressed in cosplay. I was so surprised when I experienced it and I was absolutely thrilled when I entered the studio that first time. I opened the door to yamadori in a handsome Hiei cosplay from Yu Yu Hakusho and even better, she was so kind. It was then and there that I joined yamadori’s studio. After that, I found a video of some cosplay pole dancing shows. I was in awe and it really got my blood pumping; it was exhilarating. And I thought “This is what I want to do.” From there I started doing cosplay pole dancing at events.”


She is now very passionate about cosplay pole dancing. Her body that originally didn’t hold confidence in its movements and is completely inflexible, has gradually become more and more malleable. 


Yuma Nanase  from Ketsui ~ Kizuna Hell ~ (Photographer / aya-nes)


Toru Amuro from Detective Conan (Photographer / Ayara Fujika: @ayr_dempa)

(FD Owner / Sakitsuki: @miitan1984)

* The colour of the car has be altered in editing


“There are so many different doujin activities, aren’t there? Illustrating. Cosplaying. You show respect to the work through taking the work and creating a new story, it becomes a doujinshi. I feel like I do the same thing through dance. I’m a flirtatious woman who enjoys the idea of being sexy… I mix the original work with a dash of that essence. I sprinkle that in. The original work multiplied by my own nuance equals a chemical reaction that creates a brand new world. It’s fun to create expressions only I can do. I truly believe that my cosplay pole dancing is an activity that’s part of the doujin community. It’s just a difference of expressing your thoughts on paper versus with your body.”


As eri said, it’s all a matter of how you express your love for doujin. Her art is to  literally use her entire body as a medium to express herself. 


Meiko Shiraki from Prison School


Alice=Blackburn from Ketsui~Kizuna Hell~




Over 15 Years Of Experience in Cosplay and As A Fujoshi

In addition to being an otaku, outside of her performance, eri enjoys the otaku hobby of BL.


“When I was in middle school, I became a fujoshi* because of the anthology of BL that I mistakenly received with an original work and from then I became a nerd for it. I read BLNL, yaoi… Anything really. It’s a bit naughty to think a BL anthology was just there in a  bookstore then for all to see, don’t you think? Many of the fujoshi in the same generation fell into the same trap, didn’t they? (laughs)”

*fujoshi: a woman/girl who enjoys the genre of BL


And now the idea is “Just make it yourself if you can’t find it”.


Chun-Li from Street Fighter II (Photographer / aya-nes)


Doppo Kanonzaka from Hypnosis Mic. (Photographer / Kurogomasense-: @kur_o_lantern


For sure! Just make it yourself! I like a certain arcade shooting game, but there aren’t many original doujinshi of it, not to mention BL.So I had to do it; I had to create it myself and I’m picky. When I decided I purchased an iPad Pro and an Apple Pencil as well as some manuscript software. Before I knew it, I had created a manuscript and published my first book. I hadn’t drawn for a long while though…. What’s it about? Well, it’s a pretty raunchy book. Oh… You want to see it, you say? Hehe. My BL doujinshi are under a penname, but it’s a secret ♡”


What?! We have come all this way in our talk, but you won’t even show it to me?! I feel like I’ve been left hanging. It’s rumoured that if you look through eri’s social media you may be able to find something… allegedly. We hope that you will continue to grow and refine your sexy cosplay pole dancing and produce many more doujinshi.  


Original Costume (Photographer / Mitsuo Ogihara)







You Tube:https://youtube.com/channel/UCgBVmnB-uvDzqQleo1y1LEg





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