[Cosplayer: A$CE] Imitation Is My Style of Cosplay



A Pure Want to Become the Character

It’s the feeling of wanting the same accessories as the person you like… Wearing your hair in the same style as someone you admire…  and just wanting to completely become the person you love!!!


If you’re a cosplayer out there, then this feeling is familiar to you and it’s no different for our guest today, A$CE….as well as our “other guest” Kise, from Kuroko’s Basketball. 


“When I watched this anime for the first time I thought it was so cool! Yes, there are a bunch of handsome guys, but it’s not just that. They have hardships as well and as a person who has always been hardworking, I found it really resonated with me and I thought that I want to be like that…”


A$CE talking about how Kise has breathed life into her.


Yes, Kise seems like a very carefree character at first but he is actually very hardworking and has real substance to him. Also, his special skill is being able to analyse his opponent’s moves and copy them.  


“Kise is able to completely imitate his opponent’s moves. So I thought if Kise is this good at imitation, then I want to be too! And so, I began cosplay.”



The Challenge: Starting From Scratch!!

Although, it seems until she started cosplay A$CE didn’t have a single friend who was an otaku. It’s like, how should I put this… starting from scratch. 


“I started by looking up cosplay on the internet to see what I needed to begin cosplaying, and I started off by buying some costumes. After that I became a member of a site geared toward cosplayers. That’s where I found out about cosplay photo meet-ups.”


And true to her, the first photoshoot that A$CE went to was for Kuroko’s Basketball. Her courage to jump into a situation where she knew absolutely no one is inspiring!


Ryota Kise from Kuroko’s Basketball/ Photographer: Fuyuki (Twitter: @fuyuki310)


Ryota Kise from Kuroko’s Basketball/ Photographer:Mashiro Nomiya (Twitter: @yoru_Etoile__)



How Was Your First On-set Photoshoot?

“Well… I was a bit nervous, but that was completely overshadowed by my excitement. The day before the shoot I was so excited I couldn’t even sleep! (laughs) When the day came I was absolutely giddy. I was Kise and was surrounded by the members of the Generation of Miracles! I was pumped!” 


She’s like a genuine copy of Kise. Recently, A$CE’s repertoire has expanded to challenge other genres, but at the beginning she exclusively cosplayed Kise! It seems Kise was her one and only.


“For about 5 years I had been cosplaying him. Using what I learned from Kise, I copied strong points of different Kise cosplayers, then I fused and adapted them.”


 Ryota Kise from Kuroko’s Basketball/ Photographer: Fuyuki (Twitter: @fuyuki310)



The Character’s Anniversary Is Also Mine

The love that A$CE has for Kise continues to grow.


“There is somewhat of an anniversary for the piercing I got for Kise. The day that I pierced my ear was August 30th. The first photo shoot I did was in the summer on August 30th and I had a blast! So in commemoration of that day I pierced my ear. Up until then, I had never had a piercing and I finally found the reason to get one for the first time in my life.” 


A$CE who has always cosplayed Kise talks to us about how she started cosplaying other characters. 


Ryota Kise from Kuroko’s Basketball/ Photographer: Fuyuki (Twitter: @fuyuki310)


Ryota Kise from Kuroko’s Basketball/ Photographer: Fuyuki (Twitter: @fuyuki310)


“I was invited to try Sailor Moon cosplay. Since I really hadn’t done anything other than Kise before, I was a bit hesitant to try… But my friend said to me, “Kise’s specialty is being able to copy his opponents. If Kise was a cosplayer he would definitely be able to do this. And if it’s you, A$CE, I know you can do it!” and really convinced me (laughs)” 


Sailor Neptune from Sailor Moon/Photographer: Efuhachi (Twitter: @f8iso100) 



Even My Family Was Surprised!! Their Reaction to Cosplaying Famous Works

That must have been a real turning point for you.


“Maybe the response on Twitter was so astounding because it was cosplay from a well-known work, and because of that my followers increased. I was very surprised to hear even my husband comment, “The response is absolutely amazing!”


Kise says that her husband actually isn’t an otaku at all. However, part of A$CE’s appeal is her ability to convince him and others that cosplay is awesome.


Inosuke Hashibira from Demon Slayer/Photography: cozy (Twitter: @cozy1215)


Rimuru Tempest from That Time I Got Reincarnated as a Slime Photography: cozy (Twitter: @cozy1215)


“I am very happy to have the support of the people close to me. I don’t really think that my passion for it was understood at first, and tried my best to use only my own funds, so that I didn’t affect the family budget. Recently though, I get a more positive response and I am so happy that he has come to care about what I’m doing. I’m thankful he supports me in doing what I love.”


A couple that shares a hobby is a match made in heaven.



Searching For Light…

In addition to cosplay, A$CE has another hobby and that’s taking pictures of the surface of the moon. I’m surprised that a camera with such a stellar telescopic lens is on the market….


A picture A$CE took of the moon. The shadows on the moon are so clear, you could search for signs of life!


“I’m not really trying to take a picture of the moon per say, I am actually more excited at the prospect of taking a photo of something unexpected. I’m afraid of stuff like monsters, but aliens…they are the beings of light!”




“B-… beings of light!! Like… the spirit realm is a world of darkness, right? So then the opposite of that is light…”

O… Oh, light!  I see! Well what have been the results so far? Find anything?


“As of yet, I have found absolutely nothing!!!”


SAO Alicization Alice Synthesis Thirty/ Photographer:Efuhachi (Twitter: @f8iso100)



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