[Cosplayer: Dakara] A Cosplay Education Reinforced By A 2021 Grand Prix



Winner of the 2021 Grand Prix Cosplayer of the Year

One by one we are completing our series of the 2021 Grand Prix title winners. With us this time, we have Dakara top of the #Compass category and the winner of the general Grand Prix!!


Winning cosplay of the Grand Prix/

Luciano from [Combat Calculus Analysis System # Compass] (Photographer: Tomo /@tomomiyata)




“Thank you! I really never thought… that it would be me. Actually, at the time I was wearing the same cosplay as a person who had won the top place in another category. I didn’t think that there would be two people with the same costumes that would… win.”


For sure, thinking about the people in the winning circle… to think that there are two Lucianos. I’m not sure that anyone could have predicted that… But that makes the win even more amazing! There is no other choice.


So what character did Dakara, the King of Kings, choose as his cosplay debut?


Grell Sutcliff from [Black Butler] (Photographer: Holy/@takashi_holy)





The Domino Effect…No Way!

“I have only been doing cosplay for about 5 years. However, my wife has been doing cosplay for a long time. Essentially, I started cosplay because of my wife.”


Wow! Taking an interest in and supporting your wife’s hobby; what a man!!


“I was already into anime, games and other subcultures, so it wasn’t too much of a leap into cosplay, but I never thought that I would do cosplay myself.”


In regard to the Grand Prix, he said “I didn’t think it would be me…”, and in regard to cosplay he said, “I didn’t think it would be me…”. Dakara has a very heartwarming and endearing impression about him.


Grell Sutcliff from [Black Butler] Tuxedo Image (Photographer: Akatsuki/@k0m07)




Following the Path that was Already Paved

“Ah, but when I started cosplay, there was nothing heartwarming about it! My wife who was my girlfriend at the time told me that she’d “prepare everything” so I should “just do it!”.”


Huh?? Is cosplay that kind of activity?? Shouldn’t it be more like a “Do you want to try it? Are you interested in trying it? Do you like it? If you don’t understand, I can teach you.” you know, that kind of feeling….?


“Yeah, it wasn’t like that at all. It was more like “I’ll prepare the costumes and wigs”, “I’ll arrange the studio”, “You just wear the costume.”, “Your options are this, this and this. Which one do you want?” All I did was choose.”


What a reliable wife! Isn’t that amazing?!


Kotaro Tatsumi from [Zombie Land Saga] 

(Photographer: Sera / @CoscamSerra)


“And so the first cosplay I ever did was KAITO from VOCALOID. The cosplay was from a duet he did with Hatsune Miku; I was KAITO and my wife was Miku.”


Wow~!!! That’s so fantastic that they’re able to enjoy that work together.


“Yes, it’s great to have that mutual respect. Also, it’s pretty helpful that we can divide the responsibilities of creating cosplays. My wife takes care of the wigs and costumes and I am responsible for modeling. But… my wife is leaps and bounds better than I am; I just watch and learn like an apprentice. For example, I have to measure before cutting boards with a ruler, but my wife can do it by eye and still hers turns out much better. In the end, I guess I’m my wife’s assistant (laughs)”


A chainsaw cake knife?? Also, all of the tables and chairs were dyed red and moreover it was okay to cosplay to it. 


They also received a congratulatory tweet from the creator of Black Butler himself!!




How Did He Meet Such An Amazing Wife?

Dakara is a person who supports his wife. Wow! Everyone could learn something from him!! However, it seems that the opposite was true when they were dating.


“We met at an arcade and I was playing a shooter game called Gunslinger Stratos. And the entire time I was playing there was a girl watching me from behind. After that she started a conversation with me and the rest was history.”


Ricardo Martini form [Gunslinger Stratos 2] (Photographer: Holy/@takashi_holy)


Dakara not only struck down his opponent in the game, but also struck the heart of his future wife. After all, a gunslinging guy is pretty cool!!


“That was our start, and  when I started to get into cosplay I couldn’t ask for more. The costumes, accessories and makeup were all prepared for me and taught to me. And that was my introduction to the cosplay world.”


KAITO from [VOCALOID] (Majestic Stone) (Photographer: Ako / @acooo_k)


KAITO from [VOCALOID] (Majestic Stone) (Photographer: Ako / @acooo_k)




The End of the Path is at the Bottom of a Valley…!?

Dakara has become addicted to the underworld known as cosplay. And to think they were getting along making costumes together…


“As I got more engrossed in the hobby, the educational guidance known as my wife’s love began. The turning point for me was when one of the tools that my wife made for me broke at an event. I went home and when I asked for her to make a stronger one… I was told to make it myself. My wife gave a test model to me who had been piggybacking on her up until then.” 


KAITO from [VOCALOID] (Halloween) (Photographer: Okano)


Sometimes it’s gentle and sometimes it’s strict; this is how the education for cosplayers should be! And that being said, it’s his wife’s approach to cosplay education, right? Dakara seems to have a very persevering spirit and he seems to never give up.


“At that time, I didn’t know much about easy-to-work-with, lightweight boards that are used in cosplay. I decided to use wood to make something that would never break! So I bought a jigsaw, and I cut the wood, it was almost like drawing.”




Thinking About Plans for the Future

On that note, I think I would like to get into the topic of your family, of course I’m curious about the education in store for your future child. They might inherit the cosplayer DNA and become a thoroughbred cosplayer. 


Luciano from [Combat Calculus Analysis System # Compass] (Photographer: Kazuaki/@kazuaki_02)


“My wife says she’ll teach our kid cosplay and many talents. I want our kid to be strong and to achieve things that I couldn’t achieve myself. If it’s a boy I would want them to do Kaoru Hanayama of Baki and if it’s a girl I would want her to do Biscuit from HUNTERxHUNTER. I also think I might want them to learn martial arts.”


A wife who is an awesome educator in cosplay theory, a strong child who is learning martial arts… I wonder if Dakara is okay being a stay-at-home dad?? I am very anxious, but as an onlooker I can’t wait to see this family’s cosplay photos. We are waiting to hear the good news!


Chief Officer from [Identity V] (Photographer: Kuwamocchan / @kuwamocchan)


By the way, all the costumes in the cosplay photos posted in this article were done by Dakara’s wife. I’m in awe at the level of perfection!!







Chief Officer from [Identity V] (Photographer: Kuwamocchan / @kuwamocchan)




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