[Cosplayer: Kohinamaru。] Cosplay Brought Me Out Of My Shell


Who I Met During The First Open-Call Interviews…

Today we have an interview from our first open-call run.


As expected in December, I got started on my interview marathon and was able to connect with dozens of people up until now. The masters of the craft are also at the height of a mad dash. And it’s that reason why we thought why not open our interviews to the public!


So I introduce our guest who came to chat with us… Kohinamaru。 The “。” isn’t a typo!


“One of the cosplayers that I admire was interviewed by DoujinWorld and I myself was very interested after reading that article.”

Oh??? I wonder who it is you’re referring to? 


“It’s Tim!”


… The one who’s muscles are the proof of justice.



The Same, But Not! No Cutting Corners When It Comes To Plushies

And so, we quickly got down to the interview. Let’s talk about Kohinamaru。’s style of cosplay. The first thing that grabbed my attention was the Japanese-style clothing. Demon Slayer has become pretty popular, but that doesn’t look like the cosplay of the little sister…


“I’m cosplaying a character named Coquelicot Blanche from a game called #Compass. I really love the character and a composer who I like worked on the theme song, so I for sure wanted to try the cosplay.”



Hmm… that being said, wasn’t Coquelicot more like a baby doll?


“This is different ~. It’s a collaboration costume with Sweets Paradise! I worked hard and dyed the fabric.”


Wait! If you look even closer at the plushie…. Is that a hand-sewn teddy rabbit!?


“Yes! It’s the 4th one I’ve made”


Really?? That’s Dedication! It’s amazing…






Costumes Are Built Up Little By Little

“I couldn’t sew at all and I really did start at zero when it came to making costumes. At first I used ready-made items.”


I’ve often heard of people purchasing pieces and arranging their own costumes from those, but is it really that easy?


“I’m very particular about things like adding more frills, but I find it hard to make it convincing whether the costume was made from scratch or not.”


I guess as the creator there are things that only you will be able to see. While I was listening to the story I wondered to myself if the same could be said for taking pictures or writing articles like this one. 


“If I find anything off, I remake it… over and over. I actually have about 30 unfinished cosplays… I have been planning on finishing them someday. I haven’t got to them yet, but I will definitely complete them all!”


That’s a huge number… but I support you!!


Being her own creations, she seems to be gradually completing them little by little by adding pieces and improvements.



Murder Mysteries Have Helped You Mature??

Kohinamaru。says she’s addicted to something other than cosplay; murder mysteries. They’re like the werewolf game, escape rooms and tabletop RPGs… They’re  all the rage.   


“Essentially it’s a game of reasoning to deduce the murderer, but it’s like psychological warfare in the sense of conversation, judgement and logic. I really feel like both cosplay and murder mysteries have changed me…”


Cocricot Blanche (Original Costume) from # Compass  (Photographer Twitter: @Shanks07D)


The hope to transform and a murder mystery?? How does that work?


“I wasn’t very good at talking with people. I mean I could talk to people, but I wasn’t really able to talk about myself and photos were a big no-no. I thought it was scary. However, I feel like doing cosplay really gave me confidence and murder mysteries helped me learn how to speak out much better; I really feel like I’ve matured through them.”    


Any reason for a person growing up, is a good reason. In the case of Kohinamaru。, those reasons happen to be murder mysteries and cosplay. In fact, these became her light.





Positively Positive…I Am Glad I Met Cosplay 

“For instance, before when I was asked for a picture I was worrying about making a mistake… but now if I am able to take even 1 beautiful photo out of 100 I think it’s great. I have become so positive.”  


Cocricot Blanche (Pukupukugunpuku ) from #Compass (Photographer Twitter: @saint_arrow_pht)


Cocricot Blanche (Maneki Neko Kuriko) from #Compass (Photographer Twitter: @kyon03123)


Just like Kohinamaru。says, you can see her light radiating from her cosplay photos.


“My goal with cosplay is to let more people know about the works I love. I can’t really draw, so I can’t do fanart… but my feeling of love is the same! Taking my favourite works and favourite characters, and thinking about their stories and backgrounds to create a photo encapsulating that, I feel is the same as someone who draws a picture.”


The idea of expressing what you love is exactly what doujin is all about. Going forward I hope Kohinamaru。continues on with the thing that has transformed her; the cosplay that she loves..













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