[Cosplayer: Rufuna] Walking through her cosplay life alongside the characters



Making sure the character does not disappoint

The dignified appearance…  Rufuna is no ordinary person.That cute gleam in her eyes looks just like Altria Pendragon. Even though it’s perfectly fine for her to feel more relaxed, she sits up straight, not even using the back of the chair. We are also nervous.


“Thank you! When I cosplay, I try to bring dignity to the character”, says Rufuna. The character doesn’t just happen, and I’m not just acting. But I do feel that character. Well, since I’m wearing a costume so of course I can “feel” the character, but that’s why I do go one step further… I mean I can feel the character’s attitude.


Saber from [Fate / stay night] (Interview photographer: cozy / @cozy1215)


“When I cosplay, I think it’s very important to have a conversation with the character. I take in and incorporate that character’s feelings in the work. And I ask things like “Does this match up with how you feel?” I think about if the character had a sword would they hold it like this? I do that all the way up to the day I put the costume on.”


Saber from [Fate / stay night] (Interview photographer: cozy / @cozy1215)




Is it a Shinto ritual!? Love, worship, and respect for characters

I think there are a lot of reasons for cosplaying. We’ve spoken to dozens of cosplayers, and whether it’s a certain goal, a matter of enthusiasm, and just a way of having fun, we have heard it all… we had thought, but this may be my first time encountering something like this. I guess it might be the want to transform… I mean this almost feels like a Shinto ritual. 


“Um…. maybe it’s a bit alike. Of course, I have love for the character, but it’s also wrapped up in an element of worship and respect.”


Ah, I see… While talking to Rufuna I couldn’t help but think that something was different… and it was this! Characters aren’t just characters at face value, but they are rather a fantasy that is closely intertwined with reality. However, if her devotion is that deep, does it make it difficult to do group photoshoots with large numbers of people given that she may have to do things against her philosophy or that are difficult to complete?


Henry Jekyll & Hyde  from [Fate Series] (Photographer: Ao / @skyblue_1020)


Henry Jekyll & Hyde  from [Fate Series] (Cameraman: Ao / @skyblue_1020)


“Well, I try to put the vision of the shoot organiser first, because regardless of the number of people gathered for the shoot,  the organiser should have the strongest say in the matter. So I try to keep my thoughts and opinions to myself for the sake of the project.”


Henry Jekyll & Hyde from [Fate Series] (Photographer: Zakkorin /@zakkorin)




Characters that offer support even in your real life 

In cosplay, she walks alongside the character…Approaching cosplay with this mindset, uniquely allows for those characters to enter into and support her in her everyday life.


Rin Tohsaka from [Fate / stay night] (Archer: Yoda / @HCLI_JPN, Photographer: NIL / @nerv15)


“For example, when I’m feeling down or sad, I think of the character. Even when I want to cry, I think that they would tell me not to cry… Ah, I think that character would think that way and it gives me strength. Through cosplay, I feel like the characters are always watching over me.”


I see… For this interview Rufuna is cosplaying Saber from Fate/Stay Night, so if you think of it in the sense of the work, the character that she is cosplaying is watching over her like a guardian spirit. 


The female protagonist from [Fate / Grand Order] (Photographer: Sazaby/@SazabyK)


“There are other characters I’ve cosplayed that have had a positive influence on my everyday life. Thanks to me cosplaying Saber, I got complimented at my work on how grateful my movements were. The day after I cosplayed a very happy character, I continued smiling to the point that I was worried about my facial muscles (laughs). “


Exia from [Arknights] (Photographer: Zakkorin / @zakkorin)


Pramanics from [Arknights] (Photographer: Spaakuringu / @_spark_2525)




The creator is the character’s parent

If she feels this close to the character, I wonder what kind of feelings and opinions she has in regard to the creator of the works. 


“Hmm… They are like the character’s parents in a sense, so when I cosplay that character, I feel that I shouldn’t bring shame upon the creator or manager if it’s a game or anime. Otherwise, I am very grateful. I’m just incredibly grateful to be able to meet my favourite characters and be able to read their wonderful stories.”


Well… From what we have heard so far it seems that the full credit goes to the creator and management.


Amiya from [Arknights] (Photographer:Yuki/ @ZebraheadY)


“Cosplay is a hobby for me, a collaboration with characters, photographers and, in some cases, other cosplayers, and a way of expressing my gratitude. This is what doujin is to me.”


Tenn Kujo from [IDOLiSH7] (Photographer: Hijiki/@hijiki1109)



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Saber from [Fate / stay night] (Photographer: Spaakuringu/@_spark_2525)







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