[Cosplayer: Tim] Sculpting Your Body In the Name of Cosplay


Muscles Are Part of the Cosplay!

I finally know the reason for gaining strength… Strong biceps, carry me forward!


They’re so thick!! They’re huge!! All men yearn for the appearance of power, strength and discipline. Heroes with lithe frames may be in nowadays, but I still think that there is justice in power. And I mean, just take a look! One could swoon at the cut of that deltoid and the strength in that forearm~


 “Thank you! After all, the muscles are part of the cosplay!!”


…Tim says. It seems that he started training  in pursuit of gaining new heights in his level of cosplay. 


“I always was the type where no matter how much I ate, I wouldn’t gain any weight. I was so skinny, that I even had my family worried. Nevertheless, I stuck to it; eating and weight training, and finally I reached the level I’m at today.”


The combination of the cosplay and his physique at this interview is stunning.



A Commitment to A Life Without Relying On Props

One can count on muscles for sure. They’re like your partner in crime. However, Tim’s journey must have had many hardships going from a wisp of a boy to the buff guy he is now, right?


“When I started weight training is when I started going to the gym. I didn’t even realise it at first, but my body started to change with each passing day. Since I was little, I have always admired the gutsy and tough, big brother characters. Recently, the quality of flesh-coloured muscle suits has really improved and if you’re cosplaying a character that doesn’t show much skin you can get away with hiding your frame under the clothing and creating volume in various other ways as well. However, I wanted to use my own body to express the works; I want to express them using all of me.”


The strength of his will…  The very character of this man shines through without words. He has all of us at the interview wanting to pledge to follow him anywhere!


Tengen Uzui from Demon Slayer (Photographer: cozy/Twitter: @cozy1215)


“Due to recent measures surrounding COVID-19, I haven’t been able to go to the gym. And so, I got my hands on some workout equipment. Plus I recently moved, so I was able to get a place with space for a home gym (laughs). My goal is to be able to bench press 100kg by the year’s end!!”


Tim’s home gym. I wouldn’t have imagined this was the room of a cosplayer…


It seems like there is no means to an end here, doesn’t it?… But when you see the synergy between cosplay and weight training, and the level of perfection it yields, there definitely is.



Grandma’s Hardwork and A Handmade Mario Suit 

How did you become so interested in cosplay?


“Ever since I was introduced to it I have loved playing dress-up and pretend. When I was 5 years old I got a Tanooki Mario costume. My grandma stayed up all night sewing it for me. I was so happy! I wore it all the time. But I really started cosplay when I was in university. I had always been a bit of an otaku up until then, but my friends were a bit edgy back then and I was a tad embarrassed, so I hid that side of me. When I entered university I was suddenly surrounded by otaku!! I thought, “Is this heaven!?” I joined the cosplay club and went to my first Comiket. It felt like I really came out of my shell in university.”  


The Christmas present from Tim’s grandma.

Tanooki Mario from Super Mario Brothers 3 (Photographer: Tim’s mother)


Is this a story of Tim’s repressed desire for cosplay?… No, it’s about  the moment that his cosplay strength was unleashed.


“Ah, I still had a long way to go when it came to weight training around that time. But even now I remember how much fun I had. Cosplay brought all these people who liked the same works together and we would chat so naturally and do photoshoots; I really thought of it as a means of communication.”


Zoro Roronoa from ONE PIECE (Photographer: Kai/Twitter: @kenone58)   



The Size of His Muscles Equal His Love for the Work

From then on he trained his body for the characters that he wanted to cosplay. And now Tim’s muscles have become his trademark. 


 “When I do group shoots now I am often asked to play the muscular characters. Cosplay in my opinion is a way expressing your love for the work through your body, so I am overjoyed when I am called to cosplay characters because they need someone with a muscular body.”


Senryou from ZONE-00 (Photographer: Ji-Ji/Twitter: @kalamono)


The results of Tim’s muscle training represent his love for the works he cosplays. I think that a lot of cosplayers have the same goal, but they all have different roads and most don’t know where they’re going until they get there. 


“The character that led me to weight training was Chosokabe Motochika from Sengoku BASARA. The cosplay isn’t ready yet, but one day I really want to give that cosplay a try. Also, as a person who trains I’ve thought about entering a weight training competition someday.”


When that competition comes, I would love it (if it’s possible) for you to cosplay and allow us to cheer you on.


Zack Fair from FINAL FANTASY VII- (Photographer: yuC/Twitter: @yu65photo)


Zack Fair from CRISIS CORE -FINAL FANTASY VII- (Photographer: yuC/Twitter: @yu65photo)


Galo Thymos from Promare (Photographer: Kai/Twitter: @kenone58)


Guido Mista from JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure: 5th 5tory- Golden Wind (Photographer: Kai/Twitter: @kenone58)


Venus Pororoccho from #Compass Combat Arithmetic Analysis System (Photographer: Melmo/@photoretouchi)


Whether it’s weight training or cosplay I definitely want to continue! Weight training is especially important for keeping up your health in your old age. I’m saving up my muscle for the future.”


Yes, both saving money for the future as well as preserving your physical health are important for a healthy life. Tim is a man who has dedicated his body to cosplay, and judging by the size of his biceps, it  looks like he’s saved enough to carry him to a healthy old age.









Shiro Sato


Rhiannon Charles

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