[Cosplayer: Togashi] I Want To Become A Completely Different Person From My Usual Self



Celebrating 10 Years Of Honing Her Skills!! What Are Her Hobbies And Preferences?

If you’re going to do something of course there is a want to be unique. I’ve definitely had times when I’ve wanted to be a cute idol or a handsome hero.


But!! The praise our guest longs for isn’t cries of “SO CUTE!” or “SO COOL!”. No. What she longs for is praise more like “Well, you did that cosplay!!”


With this we introduce Togashi. She is a cosplayer who embodies this feeling. She is a powerhouse with 10 years of cosplay under her belt. 



“I tend to favour side characters over main characters… I like the oddballs who are loud or soft-spoken and expressive faces, for instance Nico from Tokyo Ghoul.”


Hmm… They’re a very flamboyant character, right? The one with a cleft chin…


“Yes! And of course, I have cosplayed him before. I used a pen to draw the cleft chin. I also really like bald characters and I really like those with shaved heads!! And you there are things called bald caps, you know? I use those a lot in my cosplay. There was a time when I used to aspire to idols, but I am no longer part of that norm.”




There’s Fun In Deviating from The Norm

I don’t know the feeling myself, but why is Togashi so passionate about it?


“I think it’s important to take on challenges. I think it’s really interesting to try to cosplay characters that I would think wouldn’t be done or couldn’t be done, because I feel like if you’re going to cosplay why not make a complete transformation from the everyday you.”


Misato Katsuragi from Evangelion (Photographer: cozy/Twitter: @cozy1215)


Nico from Tokyo Ghoul



It All Started With Unit 01 Losing An Arm…

The eccentric Togashi began to open her eyes to otaku culture when she was in elementary school. Apparently, she was addicted to watching late night anime without her parents knowing. 


“I woke up one night because I was hungry and I just happened to turn on the tv. Evangelion was on and it was right at the moment when Unit 01’s arm was torn off. I think I was in grade 3 at the time.”


Mondo Owada from Danganronpa


If I saw something like that in the middle of the night as a child, it would be traumatizing. 

“Well I was shocked to learn that there were things like that out there. But, since I was watching it secretly I kind of felt excited that I was doing something ‘bad’.”


An elementary school kid should have been terrified… And with that, Togashi’s otaku spirit grew and led her to cosplay.


“I did my first cosplay when I was 14. I cosplayed Len Kagamine who is also 14!” 


What?? As a girl, why not Rin instead??


“Well I did it because I wanted to try being a boy and I usually wore men’s clothing, so Rin wouldn’t have been much of an alternative to me.”


She’s been this outstanding since adolescence. It’s amazing that she has stayed true to that all the way up to now. 


Arjuna Alter from Fate/Grand Order



I Will Continue To Challenge Myself In 2021!!

Togashi talked to us about what new challenges she wants to tackle in 2021.


 “Every year, I consider new year’s resolutions. Well… umm… not in my personal life but in regard to cosplay! This past year I was going to focus on getting out there and really trying my best!… But due to everything that happened this year with the coronavirus, I had a bad case of indigestion… So in 2021, I set a goal to challenge myself further. And that goal is plastic modeling!!”


That is to say… so-called headgear? She’s referring to gawakosu (Eng. trans. “full-suit cosplay”), right?


Kurotsuchi from BLEACH


Cirucci Sanderwicci from BLEACH


“ That’s right! I want to give gawakosu and being a full-suit cosplayer a try. I’m not very good at crafting, but I hope that it will come together in the end. How is it that I made the costumes I have worn so far? I can’t even tell you, because I don’t even remember the steps (laughs). People who are really good will draw out their concepts and create detailed designs, but… I’m a fan of doing what one wants and as one likes. All I have to do is convince myself that I can do it and I can!!”



And Thus The Bond With Doujin Grows Stronger

Not just costume making, but illustration, photography, songwriting etc… I have interviewed numerous people with a myriad of hobbies, and I think that what Togashi said rings true; if you believe you can do it you can. Rather than worrying about how others see you, having fun doing the things you love is what doujin is all about. When we hear stories like this one it really makes us all want to challenge ourselves with cosplay as well.


“If all of you at Doujin World decide to cosplay, I will bring my friends and cheer you on! I’m sure that you might feel a little lost at first with things like how to apply makeup, so leave it to me and I’ll lend a hand!!”


How reassuring!! We’re grateful for that.


Regardless of whether we cosplay or not, I feel like there’s no denying that anyone entering the doujin world with an ally this supportive at your side could only strengthen your connection with it more and more. 


Neko from K





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