[Cosplayer: Usari Usamizaka] It’s the moment my existence transforms into the character




Just what is a hair model…?

Wow! That lustrous shine is amazing!!!


Generally, wigs are considered the norm for cosplay, but our gusset today, Usari Usamizaka, is well known as a hair model. Because of this, she is very particular about her cosplay and focuses on characters that can be played with her natural mane. 


“I mainly do shampoo commercials. There’s that scene where the person fans their hair out with their hands, right? That’s what I do. I really have to protect my hair, and so I think about my hair 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.”


Hair has been said to be the life of a woman, however I am still surprised that there is a job that centres so much on hair quality. 


Tifa Lockhart  from [FINAL FANTASY VII] (Photographer: cozy / @cozy1215)


“My hair is my identity. I’m often described as a beautiful woman with long hair, and that’s why I consider my hair as a part of me. I started hair modeling because I had always received compliments on it and I thought, why not give it a try?”


Wait, wait, wait … I don’t know if “my hair is a part of me” is a saying or she misspoke but I can feel the confidence in my own hair beginning to grow.


Tifa Lockhart  from [FINAL FANTASY VII] (Photographer: cozy / @cozy1215)


“It’s really like that though, even to the point that I can’t wear it short. Even if I wanted to try a short cut out, it’s part of my identity, so I really hesitate at the thought of cutting it. I really worry that I would be cutting off a part of my existence itself.”


She speaks like she’s telling a funny story, however her eyes are very serious. 


Dia Kurosawa from [Love Live Sunshine] (Photographer: tamaki / @abios_2004)




Why she became a military nerd after starting cosplay in 2nd year of middle school

There are times when Usari’s existence goes beyond her hair and that’s when she cosplays. 


“I started cosplaying in the second year of middle school. I cosplayed a character named “Roberta” from BLACK LAGOON. The gun was built so magnificently, that it threw me into being a military nerd.”


Huh??? Starting cosplay as a girl in middle school and being a military nerd?… I wonder what kind of life she had growing up.


“Actually, my dad was a military nerd. I started reading BLACK LAGOON because my father recommended it, and it was from then that I gained an interest in firearms.”


Uh, yeah… I mean there are many different parenting styles, for sure…


Balme from [Jormungand] (Photographer: tamaki / @abios_2004)


Akemi Soryuin from [How Heavy Are the Dumbbells You Lift?] (Photographer: tamaki / @abios_2004)


“He worked hard and when he came home, he put all of his heart into the things he loved. That was the type of father he was! I guess he also put his heart into otaku education for his daughter (laughs). Oh, yes! The story of my first cosplay! I was going to Comiket!”


Original (Photographer: tamaki / @abios_2004)


Oh? Having your first cosplay at Comiket? One can say that’s a pretty classic way to break into cosplay.


“Back then, I didn’t have anyone to go with me, so I did all of the research about the event on Google myself. I bought a book that was like a Comiket guide and read it from cover to cover. The locations, the rules, cosplay etiquette… I remember thinking that Comiket had high standards, so I thought that it would be horrible if I made any mistakes.”


Mai Sakurajima from [Rascal Does Not Dream of Bunny Girl Senpai] (Photographer: tamaki / @abios_2004)


And so, Usari began a successful life in cosplay. As she added characters to her repertoire, they became more and more centered on her hair.”


Kasumigaoka Utaha  from [Saekano: How to Raise a Boring Girlfriend] (Photographer: tamaki / @abios_2004)




Wigged cosplayers are also great!!

However, there are some cosplayers that consider wigs “standard” for cosplay… or in other words, ”You’re not a real cosplayer if you don’t wear wigs!” Even in this kind of environment, why does Usari continue to stick to wearing her natural hair? Of course, she has a lot of pride in her hair, but…


Dia Kurosawa from [Love Live Sunshine] (Photographer: George / @faf_jou)


Dia Kurosawa from [Love Live Sunshine] (Photographer: George / @faf_jou)


“Of course it depends on the character, but for example, there is anime focused on everyday life, right? In these there are high school girl characters. If your natural hair matches the characters, isn’t it more realistic to wear it that way?”


That’s completely fair to say… However one can argue that the process of creating a wig that is identical to the character’s hair is also a part of cosplay. 


Teruya Horaiyama from [Touhou Project] (Photographer: George / @faf_jou)


“I’m not necessarily saying that because it’s my own hair, it’s easy. On the contrary, because it’s my natural hair, I have to adjust my schedule for my hair to that character I am planning on cosplaying. For example if it’s a character that hides their face with their bangs, I will have to take time to grow my bangs out and I have to take the picture of that character to the salon and tell the hairdresser “Cut it like this.” I cosplay with my natural hair not because I’m cutting corners or trying to get out of doing the work, rather I do it precisely because I’m serious.”


Wow! What a passion for natural hair!!


Nobunaga Oda from [Fate / Grand Order] (Photographer: Koba / @Dongpo_Jushi)


Nobunaga Oda from [Fate / Grand Order] (Photographer: Koba / @Dongpo_Jushi)


“Changing my hair, which is a part of my identity, to transform into a character is what I consider cosplay. That’s exactly why I keep using my natural hair and I don’t take it lightly; I give it my all. I wonder if I’m getting the message across, but even cosplayers who use wigs understand this feeling.”


Yeah, to be honest, I’m curious if there is such a black, long and straight wig that would surpass the quality of her hair…I wonder.


Yui Kotegawa from [To LOVE-Ru] (Photographer: Koba / @Dongpo_Jushi)


Usari continues cosplaying using her strength to push her forward. In the future, she apparently hopes to hold a haircutting ceremony when she gets to the age where her hair will inevitably become damaged. Even when the time comes to separate from her hair, we hope that Usari won’t separate from cosplay.


Shiba Miyuki from [The Irregular at Magic High School] (Photographer: Misosoup of God)


Shiba Miyuki from [The Irregular at Magic High School] (Photographer: Misosoup of God)



●Usari Usamizaka








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