[Cosplayers: Toma and Rainie] Comrades Who Blossomed Together




A Hero and Heroine Who Stick Together

I mean you gotta admit, a cool hero needs a cute heroine by their side! More than that, It’s so much cooler when it’s not just a matter of one being there as a protector and they both could meet on a higher level.


For example… Kirito standing with Asuna.


Or like Ichigo Kurosaki… hold on… but Rukia is next to Renji Abarai

BLEACH (Photographer: TAMAKI YUKIHIRO/@abios_2004)


Needless to say, you understand what I mean right?? It’s this exactly!!!


Without further adieu, let us introduce you to such a male and female duo in the cosplay world; Toma and Rainie. Apparently, they have been together since the beginning of their cosplay journey. 



Working Hard In Cosplay Since Their Beginning

Toma: “We first met…. Well I started cosplaying around 4 years ago, so it’s been about that long that I’ve known her.”


Rainie: “That’s right, we met by chance at an event.I was in a Bakemonogatari cosplay.We were both absolute beginners, and we wouldn’t have thought that we would become a cosplaying pair like this (laughs)”


However, it was a fateful encounter. The two had also participated in FANCY FRONTIER that has been called Taiwan’s Comiket.


Promare (Photo taken at FANCY FRONTIER)




The Two Participated in Taiwan’s Comiket

Rainie: “I really like Taiwan because of the amount of otaku culture that is rooted there and their love for Japanese culture. Sometimes when I cosplay there some  people speak to me in Japanese.”  


Toma: “Because they’re just a stone’s throw away from Japan, the presence of Japanese goods is very apparent. Many of the goods were made in Taiwan, but a lot of the cosplay photobooks were Japanese and I could really feel Japan in it all.”


It’s without being said that Japan has a pretty evolved doujin culture and it is the birthplace of this world-class otaku culture and it seems like its influence reaches overseas.


Identity V (Photographer: Touno@tounomatsuri)




Looking Toward the Same CosplayGoal is Important

By the way, how did these two become the cosplay duo they are now?


Toma: “Well… I mean, we both read pretty much the same manga and watch the same anime, so I think it’s because our interests just seemed to line up. And you end up thinking, I want to do that or I want to try that next time; it was sort of like that.”


Zatch Bell! (Photographer: Shibuya/ @shibuya_012)


Rainie: “In addition to that, I think that it’s important that our interpretation of the work lines up. Also, our same go-getter attitude when it comes to challenges like styling wigs and designing costumes; we think we can’t give up. We have that in common. It’s also very important because the final photo should exude closeness and because of this it’s important that we’re a team.”


I see… So putting their upbeat words in another way; it’s a line up of their sense of values.


Bungo Stray Dogs (Photographer: Kaeru-kun/@funatex027)


Rainie: “It’s nice to be able to inspire each other as a pair, and I’m not cosplaying alone. I’m able to ask my friends to match the work I want with me. Moreover, this pair really helps to network with people. If you’re a group of only female cosplayers, you may not get to know many male cosplayers and vise versa. However it’s because there are the two of us that I am able to meet people I wouldn’t have had a chance to before.”


Toma: “I am often glad that I’m cosplaying with Rainie because of her ability to “connect” with photographers. Sometimes even when I‘m taking a picture of Rainie… sometimes I fall into that too (laughs)”


Ah, I see… I would like to say that’s devious, but there are many photographers that prefer to work exclusively with female subjects, so it’s not an exaggeration to say that females might very well be the lifeline for males in the cosplay photoshoot community.


Promare (Photographer: Tsubame Teitoku/@tubame1979)


Bakemonogatari (Photographer: Yokokura / @2019bt42)




You Don’t….Fight???

Don’t you run into issues or fight if one person does a photoshoot with somebody else…?


Toma & Rainie: “Not at all. (laughs)”


Toma: “It’s more of a,  “See you later! Have a good time!” kind of feeling.”


Rainie: “Yeah, for sure. Because we always cosplay together like this, if you get stuck on things like that, it would be way too painful.”


Since they started cosplaying they have been walking alongside each other. It’s wonderful that they have such a wonderful relationship.


HUNTERxHUNTER (Photographer: Ryou/ @ryo_7421)




Improving Evenmore Together!!!

In relation to that, it seems that Toma has his eyes set on giving the world of plastic modeling a try. 

Toma: “I’d learnt how to make Renji Abarai’s sword called Jaomaru on Youtube and it turned out really well. I’ve always liked crafts, so I would like to explore this and give it a try. I actually made a Chainsaw Man costume the other day.”


Rainie: “There are some things (models) that I want too, so if I can cheer Toma on hopefully he can teach me later. (laughs)”


Zombie Land Saga (Photographer: Yokokura / @2019bt42)


It’s a real give and take… This is a cosplay duo with an awesome relationship. I hope that they continue to try many works and continue on as the hero and heroine duo that has each other’s back. 


JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure Part 5 (Photographer: Shibuya/ @shibuya_012)


JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure Part 4 (Photographer: Ichi/ @ichikame7)



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