[Illustrator: GrahamΩX] What do you get when you fuse the two biggest genres!?



Hmm… Hands down, 2D is the best. It has a sense of comfort not found in the 3D world. Because I’m looking at that character from the other side of the screen, I feel more involved in that character than an actual interpersonal relationship and it’s captivating. I start to wonder about the expressions that I can’t see, and  the words I can’t hear in the picture. 


 I’m sure that this is how doujinshi is born.


Hands down… 2D is the best.




How did you start making doujinshi?

Our interview guest this time is an illustrator known as GrahamΩX (“omega x”)!


“I guess I started making doujinshi around 2014. I’ve made doujinshi in multiple genres like, Pokemon, Pretty Cure, Kantai Collection and FGO. I’ve been a part of a circle at Comiket since 2015.”


Nero Claudius Caesar form [Fate Grand Order] eirei seisou (Eng. Trans: “the uniform of the spirits of the dead at war”)


I see. She is definitely an amazing doujinshi writer.


“When I began, I put my focus into manga. My Twitter followers were making books and I thought,”Wow~ that’s amazing…I want to try that”… So I did. I wrote a manuscript from scratch and printed it. I remember it being pretty difficult; I searched for printing materials on the internet and got help from my followers for things I didn’t understand. Currently, I am making more illustration collections than manga.”


From the left … Nero Claudius from [Fate / EXTRA Last Encore],

 Cure Scarlet from [Go! Princess Pretty Cure],

Ereshkigal from [Fate / Grand Order-Absolute Demon Beast Front Babylonia-] 




Is there a difference between manga and illustrations? What’s the difference in drawing styles?

Speaking of which, from our point of view, and by that I mean those of us who aren’t so familiar with drawing manga, illustrations and pictures… Is there a difference in the way they’re drawn?


From the left … Abigail Williams [Summer]  from (Fate / Grand Order)

Nero Claudius [Caster] from [Fate / Grand Order]


“There is a unique perspective to manga in terms of the story, framing and editing the pages. Illustrations are just that: illustrations; if you think about the theme you want to follow the collection begins to take shape. Both are difficult for sure, but I think the best way to approach it is by looking at the bigger picture and thinking of what event you’re drawing for, then use that as your motivation and driving force.”


Through participating in doujin events such as Comiket, GrahamΩX started to shift her focus.


Nero Claudius Caesar form [Fate Grand Order] (Craft Essence return Match)




From 2D to 3D and back to 2D again!?

“It may have been around 2018 when tags like “Please do cosplay illustrations” started to become popular on Twitter. I was interested in it because I also received requests like that from cosplayers at events.”


Hmmm… So people want to take cosplay which tries to bring something 2D into reality and then change it back into 2D??? You’re probably thinking, “What does that mean??” And it’s just what it sounds like!!


Mash Kyrielight (concept costume, “Irohanihoheto” costume) from [Fate / Grand Order] ,

Cosplayer: Kasumi (Twitter: @kasumi_violin),

Photographer: Shinichi (Twitter: @391shinichi)


Doujinshi: Spareribs Dragon 2021 Winter

* The latest issue that was published on February 7, 2021


“That’s right. It becomes a question of what to channel. I’m always trying to keep the work intact, but also trying to express the true character of the cosplayer. I am really trying to capture the person’s personality in that one shot. I mean, it is a bit difficult, but in the end it’s all about making the cosplayer happy.”


For sure, joy and fun are first and foremost. That’s where doujin culture stems from. 


“You’re also able to include fictional animals in the illustrations that you wouldn’t be able to in photos alone. With that you can bring out more of the fun of the work.”


Nero Claudius from [Fate / EXTRA], Cosplayer: Nano Ryuno (Twitter: @na_no71),

Photographer: Gahara (Twitter: @gahara_films)


Doujinshi: Spareribs Dragon 2020 A book of cosplayer illustrations

* Illustration collection published in September 2020.


Illustration and cosplay; two major genres of doujin culture united as one. For us here at DoujinWorld, nothing could be more awesome. I would love to see you pursue it further.




What is the origin of your delicious-sounding circle name?

GrahamΩX takes part in events under her circle name “Spareribs Dragon”, and to tell you the truth I’m more interested in the origin of the circle name than I am in the “ΩX” part…


“Really, are you that interested in it? (laughs) The reason isn’t really that great…”


I mean, it’s just that spareribs sound so delicious, but dragon spareribs sound pretty tough and chewy.


Toshizo Hijikata & Souji Okita from [Fate / Grand Order],

Cosplayer: Merosu (Toshizo Hijikata) (Twitter: @mer0s),

Cosplayer: Ami (Soji Okita) (Twitter: @frkz_413),

Photographer: Agito (Twitter: @doukiegreenday3)


Doujinshi: Spareribs Dragon 2020 A book of illustrations of cosplayers

* Illustration collection published in September 2020.


“The origin is… When I was a kid I really liked SD Gundam and it had a Gundam in it called the “Superior Dragon”. It was golden and I thought it was so cool. When I would go out to eat with my family, I would often get pork spareribs. And once my mom mistakenly called the Superior Dragon the “Spareribs Dragon” (laughs).”


I can’t believe it… your mom came up with it!?


“That’s right. My mother was once into games and manga, so she knew about SD Gundam. Since then I fell in love with the name “Spareribs Dragon”.


What a heartwarming origin!


Jeanne Alter (Witch of the Evil Dragon Ver Shinjuku 1999) from [Fate / Grand Order],

Cosplayer: Masamu Tenmatsuki (Twitter: @Masa_alter), Photographer: Marie (Twitter: @5mry5)



“Because of the family I grew up in, I was raised in a positive atmosphere with an optimistic motto in life; I will always do my best! And I will continue to positively do my best even when times get tough!!


GrahamΩX also takes individual commissions for illustrations. Check the skeb link below for more details!!



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