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Photo: Shobe Chopper/ Model: Daria




The World on the Screen Comes to Life! !

This world… This is “CoooooooooooooL JAPAN”!!!


The thumbnail above isn’t a composite photo; it’s actually live photography. For this article, we interviewed “Techno Alta”, a tech group that takes advantage of the latest technology.


First off, in order to get an idea of what exactly it is that they do take a look at the video below.





More Than Love It’s Insane

I mean, everyone has those scenes in anime and games that they watch and think “I want to do that! It would be so cool if I could do that for real!”, right? However, usually that fantasy stays as… well a fantasy. But reaching this level, well it surpasses simple ‘love’…


“Yes, it’s absolute lunacy!! It’s combining all of the tools we have to turn 2D into reality. It’s a project that draws on the madness of all of our participants. That’s us.”


I’ve done many interviews up to now, and every one of those people has a gigantic amount of love for their craft. However, this is the first time that I have used the word ‘insane’ to describe it. Also, there is an uncontested level of quality to it. I must say, it’s absolutely mind blowing. 


Using projection mapping technology, we’re able to see the trajectory in real time when you swing the sword!



Numerous experts come together to create one production!




The Beginning of Techno Alta Was Unexpected…

“Well, now I’m working on this cosplay project that makes full-use of technology, but  I actually started out mainly doing music. I used to be in a band with the main members. While we were selling at doujin events as a salesperson, I used to ask cosplayers things like what could I do to make the 2D more realistic, more of a 2.5D…? I had experience as an engineer, and I started, programming, 3D modeling and using a 3D printer for production.”  


When pros get together, there’s definitely no cutting corners. To people like us who do not have any skill in the field, this almost feels like playing god.


The members of Techno Alta and numerous experts collaborate to create models and lighting modules using 3D printers!


“No, no, no! We can’t do anything when it comes to cosplay. I can’t even make costumes or do modeling. I’m not very good at photography either. All we can do is use our skills to bring the 2D on the screen into 2.5D.”


From my point of view as a listener to this story, I think that alone is utterly amazing…


“In the world of cosplay, individual, 1 on 1 relationships between cosplayers and photographers are prevalent and that’s the norm. However, there are many people who exchange things like music and sound mixes online. What Techno Alta is trying to do is mobilise the relationships between people with tools and special skills all around the world on an online platform.”


Photo: Shobe Chopper/ Model: Yuu


It’s definitely not just a tech group with a normal framework, Techno Alta is all about “the shape of how we connect”. Although, they are all pros to a tee doesn’t it go without saying that no matter how connected you are, there is a limit to how much tech, equipment and know-how that people have?




Activities that Bring You Closer to Making Things

“Actually, that’s not necessarily the case. For instance, programming classes have become a part of elementary school curriculums. Also on the global scale, children’s educational materials related to computers are being sold. Moreover, nowadays you can access and use 3D printers and laser cutters individually.”


Hmmm… True… But it’s easy for kids to learn new things. Isn’t it much harder for us in the older generation…?


“No!!! That’s the problem with a lot of adults. For example, think about a cosplay with programmable LED lights like we make. If you have the money you can have someone make it for you. But if you’re a person who likes to make things, you should try making it yourself; give it a try.”


One could say that, but I honestly have no idea what to do or where to start…



“You can buy a simple programming kit on the net or if you look online there’s a lot of information about it. Also, we have a how-to class like a beginners’ workshop.”


Oh, wow… I would really like to try that!!


The workshop atmosphere. If you make friends with your classmates, you can learn together and keep up your motivation for making things!!


“You’re welcome anytime (laughs). The more people that take on the challenge of building things, the more innovation we will see not only in the realm of cosplay but also in the entire doujin culture. The quality of creations will also increase, more and more new things will be born, and with that more people will want to take part.”


So in the end it’s a real positive cycle for the doujin community!!


“Also, by holding workshops we are able to connect with more people. I hope that this helps to increase the activity in the community.”


That’s fantastic!! If you connect with people… you will be less likely to become discouraged.


<!– ※ I actually tried it out afterwards! –>



There Are Some Things You Can’t Do Alone

“I often say the work I’m able to do wouldn’t be possible unless I was recreated in the past.”


Huh…? Suddenly a story about the afterlife???


“Oh yes, I didn’t mean to spring that on you… What I mean is, we have been working as engineers for over a decade. Even photographers take years to hone their skills. People who make costumes and cosplayers can’t do what they do in just two days. If you’re doing it all on your own, it may take decades to get to a good point. That’s why I feel that one wouldn’t be able to reach those heights without being reincarnated and retaining the skills from your previous life.”


Ah, I see! I guess if I wanted to cosplay a cute girl, I would have to have been reincarnated to be a cute girl.


Photo: Tuppe / Model: Sobi


“I mean, it’s impossible really, right? But if you work with other professionals in different fields, it’s very possible to do; it’s almost the same. Working with various people is really interesting.”


Experience on display. We’d love to go to a summit on technology.


“Before I was all about the tech side of it all, but now it isn’t just that. Cosplay isn’t just about the costumes and modeling, I want to continue to encourage and foster connections in the community. We hope that we’re able to spread this network to more and more people in the future, so we can have lots of people become part of Techno Alta.”



* All photos and videos here were  posted with permission from Techno Alta.






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