We Attended [Hatsune Miku “Magical Mirai 2020” in OSAKA] !


Winter draws near. It’s the end of November.


And we’re heading for INTEX Osaka…


It’s the venue for Hatsune Miku Magical Mirai 2020 in OSAKA. Magical Mirai is an event that features the 3DGC lives of Hatsune Miku and other virtual singers combined with an exhibition where goers can enjoy the creative culture. In 2020, the theme in OSAKA is “MATSURI-Summer-Festival” and the theme in Tokyo is “MATSURI-Winter-Festival”.


As I got to the venue, I instinctually reflected on the irony of the chilly air that contradicted my view of the summer festival theme since the event had been delayed from August to November.


I mean, the venue is really hot in the summer!!


The main visual for [Hatsune Miku “Magical Mirai 2020” in OSAKA]


And just as expected, the social distancing measures were perfect. The temperature checks and sanitization are seamless. Even though previously  there was worry that this event might be cancelled, we made it… and vocaloid fans across the country are buzzing with excitement. 


In light of this, I asked the Magical Mirai production committee to comment on the difficulties in holding Magical Mirai this go around!!!




Interviewing the Magical Mirai Production Committee!!

First and foremost, this event was under threat of being cancelled due to the coronavirus and amongst many uneasy voices from fans, why did you decide in the end to hold the event?


“In consult with local government and the venue, we decided to hold the event while taking careful measures to prevent the spread of the coronavirus (COVID-19).”




Of course, cooperating with the government and the venue is of the utmost importance when holding these events. I was able to view the venue during the live performance and there were multiple measures being taken such as ensuring social distancing between visitors and limiting the capacity (number of seats) by 50%, completing the 3-pronged approach to safety.  


“There were definitely parts that were different from previous years, but visitors enjoyed it while complying with precautions and venue announcements. We are extremely grateful for everyone’s cooperation.”


Well-known Vocaloid P also participates in the Creators’ Market!!



There are lots of elaborate goods available this time as well!!


No, no! We’re the ones who should say thank you! By the way, since I think many fans are interested in the answer, when did you decide the setlist for the live performance?


“Initially, the setlist was decided around March. But considering the guidelines, we rearranged it around August~September in light of the circumstances.”


Happy 15th anniversary to MEIKO!!


I see… Rearranging the setlist seemed to be a pretty difficult task this time around. There were comments on SNS along the lines of “Some songs were so touching due to the coronavirus situations!!” 


“There were songs originally on the setlist, but there were also songs that we chose due to the current climate. Still, the way a song affects people can change depending on the delivery and the song order, so we took great consideration in choosing the songs.”



For sure! There were some people who were tearing up at the venue, I guess the thoughts of the production staff had reached them. On the other hand, there were many songs that made the crowd want to call out and shout which goes hand in hand with a Hatsune Miku live. Even though we all know that it can’t be helped, I think there were a number of people who were a bit frustrated…


“In order to follow guidelines, we asked that visitors refrain from speaking loudly. In this regard, we also adopted different methods of expression, like increasing the number of visual effects from previous years. Although, we thought there should still be something familiar from the other years and since songs that make you want to shout out are must-haves at Hatsune Miku lives we included them. We asked that this time people “shout out” in their hearts and use things like pen lights and applause to express themselves.”



Concert goers really participated within these rules. And in the opinion of DoujinWorld, in a good sense it was “difficult to sway a penlight to one solid rhythm” because the songs were more “artistic than idol-istic”.


“We weren’t consciously going for the “artistic” aspect you mentioned, but we are glad that there are more songs to listen to, combined with the visual effects created more of a sense of unity on stage. It’s for that reason that we anticipated some people would feel that way too.” 


Wow, you have us dancing in the palm of your hand.



It must have been really hard to hold this during the coronavirus. Thank you very much for answering our questions!!! We will continue to support VOCALOID culture as well as Hatsune Miku!!



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